Need to buy an air conditioner? It's easy!

Need to buy an air conditioner? It's easy!

Are you looking for an effective solution to combat the heat? At ART-MAKS CLIMA, we have just what you need! We offer a wide range of air conditioners, ideal for keeping your home or office cool during the hottest days.

Don't miss the chance to improve your environment this summer. Visit us or contact us to discover our promotions and products. Choose ART-MAKS CLIMA and enjoy a cooler, more pleasant summer.

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Welcome to ART-MAKS CLIMA!

Welcome to ART-MAKS CLIMA!

We are a company specialising in air conditioning systems, founded by two brothers, Artem and Maxim, who gave rise to the name of our family business. Initially motivated by an interest in technology, we quickly focussed on air conditioning equipment.
Since then, we have evolved continuously over 18 years.
We evolved from mere installers to become commercial directors, leading us to establish our own family business specialising in the sale, installation and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

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Why choose our service?

Your home, always fresh and cosy

When the Cascais sun decides to show its strength, there's nothing like a cool and inviting environment to transform your home into a haven of comfort. Air conditioning installations in Cascais are not just a matter of luxury, but a necessity almost as natural as the sea breeze that touches the region's beaches.

Why choose our service?

Our company specialises in bringing the best in climate comfort to your home or office. With years of experience and a team of qualified technicians, we guarantee an installation that is efficient, fast and, above all, tailored to your needs.

The installation process

Every step in our process is designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum inconvenience. Installation begins with a detailed consultation to understand your expectations and specific needs. Imagine being able to enjoy your space, knowing that the climate inside will always be to your liking, whether it's the height of summer or the heart of winter.

Maintaining your comfort year after year

The durability and performance of your system depends not only on a quality installation, but also on regular maintenance. We offer tailored maintenance plans to ensure that your air conditioning is always in top condition. It's like having an umbrella always ready at the door, even if the sun is shining.

Why an air conditioning installer in Cascais?

A local installer not only understands the particularities of the climate, but is also close by for any emergency support or maintenance. Proximity reduces waiting times and increases the efficiency of the service, which translates into less stress for you and more time enjoying the comfort of your home.

Need to know more about prices?

We understand that cost is a crucial factor in the decision to install an air conditioning system. That's why we offer total transparency on the price of air conditioning installation in Cascais. No surprises, no hidden costs, just a fair price for a service that will bring a tangible improvement to your quality of life.

To summarise

Choosing our company means opting for a reliable service that not only installs, but looks after and maintains your air conditioning system, guaranteeing your comfort all year round. With experienced technicians and a policy of transparency, we guarantee that your experience will be as fresh and pleasant as the Atlantic breeze.

Let's talk?

If you'd like more information or need a personalised quote, we're here to help you make the best decision for your comfort. Don't hesitate, contact us today!